Super Micro Cleaning _ SMC

Super Micro Cleaning _ SMC

Semiconductors, organic EL and LCD manufacturing devices, high-performance electron microscope and particle accelerator etc... It is required that ultra/extreme high vacuum (UHV/XHV) environment for advanced science/technology. To achieve these ultimate environments, it is necessary that the appropriate surface cleaning for parts of vacuum equipments.
SAN-AI PLANT chooses the treatment process such as Chemical Polishing (CP) and Electropolishing (EP) that is most suitable for every materials and using pure water abundantly for final cleaning to achieve the best cleanliness. After surface treatments/cleaning, we dry products with nitrogen gas managed by dew point and pack in class 1000 clean room. Therefore we send products for you in the cleanest condition!

“Pollutions” removable by SMC

Organic pollutions grease (cutting oil, machining oil)
Inorganic pollutions metallic salts, heavy metals
Particle pollutions metallic powders, particles

However... there are “pollutions” impossible to remove by SMC.

“Pollutions” not removable by SMC

Chemical pollutions Oxidized scale
Pollutions stuck at surface Chips, abrasive grains
Impurities, extraneous materials Surface transformation layer, impurities

For example, we observe buffed stainless steel surface by electron microscope which glaze by the visual, there are a lot of buffing vestiges and abrasive grains. Such surface condition has significant influence on performance of machines and products.

#400 buffing surface (stainless steel)
The whole surface is covered by buffing vestiges.After expanding, there are residual grains and micro burrs.
Then how may it remove?
Surface treatments of Chemical Polishing (CP) and Electropolishing (EP) are very suitable.
We achieve the best vacuum property by EP・CP + SMC.

Materials for SMC

Stainless steel Ceramics Inconel
Aluminum / Al (alloys) Invar Tantalum / Ta
Copper / Cu (alloys) Molybdenum / Mo Quartz
Titanium / Ti (alloys) Vespel HASTELLOY
Plastics Permalloy Nickel / Ni etc...

Basic treatment process of SAN-AI PLANT

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    Huge chambers before cleaning.
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    Import scenes of 10 tons class chamber.
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