Renewal Micro Cleaning _ RMC (R)

Renewal Micro Cleaning _ RMC (R)

In coating equipments such as chemical/physical vapor deposition (CVD/PVD), some shields are assembled to prevent films from attaching to inner surface of chambers. However, particles will occur because incrustation exfoliates by repeat coating. Therefore it is necessary to change shields regularly. The renewal treatment of the shields is often carried out since it costs to manufacture new shields.
Renewal Micro Cleaning (RMC) is a technology of to remove extraneous matter with minimum damages for shields. In addition, this technology is applied to detoxify before discarding polluted parts.


Treatment results

Extraneous metals, metal oxide, metal nitride, half metals,semiconductors, fluoride, silane compounds
Substrates stainless steel, aluminum (Al), titanium (Ti), molybdenum (Mo), tungsten (W), tantalum (Ta), quartz, plastics, ceramics, etc...


Aluminum product
Stainless steel chamber
Alumina product
Exhaust duct
Ceramics product

RMC for metal filters attached polymer resins

HYPOX is the machine which removing polymer resins attached to metal filters developed by MOVEngineering of Italy. The cleaning process uses a hydrolysis reaction without damages for products because unused of chemical solution.