Plant equipments

Plant equipments

We introduce our plant equipments such as clean room, water purification system, CP processing line & plant for waste desposal...
Our “High quality” treatments are accomplished by these facilities.


List of equipments

  • Class 1000 Clean Room 377 m2

    We have wide Clean Room (377 m2) to package large and/or many products.

  • Clean oven

    Clean oven to heat & dry the products of complicated shape, sintered metals and ceramics.

  • Water purifying system : 2 tons/h

    We monitor the information in remoteness at office. We can cope immediately if some troubles happen,

  • Pure water storage tank : 20 tons

    N2 gas is enclosed into the tank to suppress increasing of specific resistance value of pure water.

Blast machines

These are machines to spray fine particles such as glass with high pressure on to remove the film which attached to the surface of products strongly. We use the machines with Renewal Micro Cleaning (RMC) process.

Chemical Polishing process line (ALpika)

These are preheating tank, CP tank, water rinsing tank, residue removing tank from this side.
The large products hang it with crane and treat it one after another.

  • 10 tons crane
    ~Import test scene of the huge product to special cleaning plant~

    The huge products which cannot treat in the normal line clean at special cleaning plant.

  • Boiler

    We use much high temperature/pressure pure water for cleaning and high temperature is necessary to raise temperature of preheating tank and CP solutions.

Plant for waste disposal

Waste solution is precipitated, neutralized, filtered in this plant.
We confirm that drainage is not polluted.

Analysis items
・Fluorine and the compound
・Hydrogen ion concentration
・Nitrogen content
・Phosphorus content