Chemical Polishing for titanium (Ti) / San-titan

Chemical Polishing for titanium (Ti) / San-titan

Recently extreme high vacuum (XHV) environment is required in the most-advanced science and technology such as semiconductor manufacturing devices, analysis equipments and particle accelerators. From this, titanium (Ti) with a good vacuum property attracts attention. We have developed “San-titan” which is chemical polishing (CP) process for exclusive use of Ti with Yamaguchi University.



Materials titanium (Ti)
Standard polishing amount 10 μm
Size please contact (promptitude : 1000 x 1000 x 700 mm)


Comparison of Ti surface with various treatments.

  • Basis metal
  • Buffing
  • San-titan

Outgassing rate / unit area (Ti)

Outgassing rate is equal to mechanochemical polishing (MCP) treated sample !

With vacuum baking,
outgassing 〜10-12 Pa・m・s-1!

Cross-sectional TEM micrograph, nearly surface region after San-titan.

After San-titan, the surface was covered by homogeneous oxidized layer. Therefore it is suppressed that the outgassing from inside of metals.


Inner surface condition of Ti pipe (OD = 40 mm)