Chemical Polishing for copper・copper alloys / CuCP

Chemical Polishing for copper・copper alloys / CuCP

Copper & copper alloy are used often for vacuum systems by their good thermal/electrical conduction properties, but surface treatment is very difficult from their easy tarnish behavior. Therefore, after CP process, it is need a process that to prevent tarnish of the surface. In CuCP process, we do not use organic solution for processing to prevent tarnish, thus CuCP is no pollution to vacuum systems and helpful to achieve good vacuum environment.



Materials C1000 (oxygen-free/tough pitch copper), C1700 (beryllium copper), C5000 (phosphor bronze), C2000 (brass)*
*There are cases that brass surface after CP becomes more rough.
Standard polishing amount > 5 μm
Size please contact (promptitude : max 400 mm)


Before treatment,
the product was oxidized and tarnished by thermal process.