Chemical Polishing for aluminum, aluminum alloys / ALpika

Chemical Polishing for aluminum, aluminum alloys / ALpika

Recently, the manufacturing devices upsize again by upsizing of flat panel displays (FPD). Hence, aluminum chambers are used many for weight saving.
From our study, Electropolishing (EP) is not suitable for aluminum about vacuum property. Therefore we have developed “ALpika” which is chemical polishing (CP) process for exclusive use of aluminum (alloys) with ULVAC, Inc..



Materials A1050,A5052,A5056,A5083,A6063,A6061,A2017
Standard polishing amount 5〜10 μm
Size Max 1300 mm

Surface condition

  • Optical micrograph (×300)

  • Optical micrograph (×300)
Outgassing rate / unit area (A5052)

Outgassing rate is much lower
(one order of magnitude) than EP treated sample !

With vacuum baking,
outgassing rate ~10-10 Pa・m・s-1!

Cross-sectional TEM micrograph, nearly surface region after ALpika.
After ALpika, the surface was covered by homogeneous oxidized layer. Therefore it is suppressed that the outgassing from inside of metals.



Removing of micro burrs

Micro burrs at edge of φ200 um through hole


Chamber of FPD manufacturing device

Final inspection at clean room after ALpika and Super Micro Cleaning (SMC).