“High quality” Chemical Polishing _ CP

“High quality” Chemical Polishing _ CP

Chemical Polishing (CP) treatment is possible to remove the pollutions which cannot remove by only Super Micro Cleaning (SMC), moreover the smooth surface is provided and reduce “real” surface area. Finally CP treatment forms a uniform oxidized layer on the surface which prevent outgassing from inside of materials. Because needless of the cathode unlike Electropolishing (EP), CP is very suitable for treatment of complex shape products. Of course, cleaning after CP is SMC. We send products for you in the cleanest condition!



  1. 1.Independence for shape of products
  2. 2.Uniform treatment for whole surface
  3. 3.Smoothing and forming of oxidized layer
  4. 4.Improvement of vacuum property
Independence for shape, uniform treatment for whole surface
Reduction of surface area by smoothing effect (Decrease of outgassing probability).
Low outgassing by forming of the oxidized layer.

Materials for CP application / special CP treatments

Aluminum, aluminum alloys ALpika®
Stainless steel (SST) SUSpika®
Titanium (Ti) San-titan®
Copper, copper alloys (Cu) CuCP
Niobium (Nb) NbCP

Other materials

PC permalloy, Inconel 600, nickel (Ni), Kovar