Barrier type anodizing for aluminum / Super-ALpika

Barrier type anodizing for aluminum / Super-ALpika

A lot of aluminum alloy is used in manufacturing devices of semiconductors and flat panel displays (FPD). Corrosive gas is used in the manufacturing process, so aluminum alloy may deteriorate. Wherein SAN-AI PLANT has developed “Super ALpika” (barrier type anodizing) which has very low outgassing in comparison with conventional alumite with ULVAC Inc..



Materials A1000 (aluminum), A5052, A6061, A6063
Film thickness 0.2〜0.4 μm
Size please contact (promptitude : max 400 mm)


Barrier type anodizing The formed oxidized film is not porous unlike alumite. Therefore the oxidation film has a small surface area and low outgassing rate.
Heat resistance There are not changes (cracks, tarnish, corrosion resistance) when heated in atmosphere @ 500 degree C.
Low outgassing rate Outgassing rate is 1/100 ~1000 in comparison with alumite (heating @ 300 degree C in vacuum).


Chemical vapor deposition (CVD)/ etching machines and shield parts of film growth devices


Comparison with conventional alumite

Surface condition after heating (@500 degree C, 24 h)

  • Super ALpika
  • Alumite

The total amount of outgassing @300 degree C.

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